Couple of days back, I shared importance of Sun salutation. सूर्य नमस्कार is the prime vaccine against all immunological disorders, including inflammatory conditions, cancers etc.

With growing age, reproductive organs of females pass through aging and gradual non-functioning. This is the time when they pass through mental trauma and unforeseen physical conditions. Sometimes cancer.

Breast cancer is the second most common cancer among women in the United States. About 1 in 8 women will develop breast cancer in their lifetime.

Do you know why we are in this mess?

We really don’t spend much of the time on physical activities. Sun exposure is minimal.

Early epidemiologic research showed that incidence and death rates for certain cancers were lower among individuals living in southern latitudes, where levels of sunlight exposure are relatively high, than among those living at northern latitudes. Because exposure to ultraviolet light from sunlight leads to the production of vitamin D, researchers hypothesized that variation in vitamin D levels might account for this association. However, additional research based on stronger study designs is required to determine whether higher vitamin D levels are related to lower cancer incidence or death rates.

Experimental evidence has also suggested a possible association between vitamin D and cancer risk. In studies of cancer cells and of tumors in mice, vitamin D has been found to have several activities that might slow or prevent the development of cancer, including promoting cellular differentiation, decreasing cancer cell growth, stimulating cell death (apoptosis), and reducing tumor blood vessel formation (angiogenesis)

अथर्ववेद prescribes:

सूर्यस्य रश्मीन् अनु याः सञ्चरन्ति मरीचीर् वा या अनुसञ्चरन्ति |

Translation: “Females should spend good amount of time under the sun,”

रश्मि स्नान – सूर्यस्नान

Encourage females in your family to wake up before sunrise and spend at least 30 minutes under the sun (not in gym! 😀). On ground, in front of the sun, doing Surya namaskar! Don’t strive for so called fair skin!! 😉

Prevention is better than cancer cure!

It is really unfortunate that despite favorable conditions of adequate sun exposure, we now spend much of the time in AC offices and homes. 🙁