Sensosial Overload
Sensosial Overload


Imagine, someone start DJ loud speakers at midnight when you are deep sleep? What will be your reaction?

Do we like erratic perceptions? So often we oppose noise pollution. Chaotic visuals make us nervous. Information overload makes us stressful. Even with matured and developed senses.

Newborn Universe
Newborn Universe

When a child comes out of water-melon sized uterus at birth, its universe expands suddenly! We must not add chaos in new life! Let there be expansion of the universe step by step. For this, we have different Sanskars. Learn 16 Sanskar rituals. Only after 4 months, child is introduced to real universe. Till then, mother remains as universe and the Sutika Gruh as expanded womb.

Imagine torture we gift to newborns in society. Just after delivery, huge crowd of friends and relatives bombard high dosage of erratic and chaotic input signals to underdeveloped senses of newborn. Not only humans, but their pet-gadgets too, throwing powerful flash lights.

Things don’t stop on birth day. This is just a beginning. When infant moves to home, new pet-gadgets and their unnecessary input signals become overburden for developing senses.

In our culture, there is a custom to introduce infant to different level of sensory input signals step by step. First, let there be womb like environment. Infant, mother and their caretaker (mostly mother’s mother) for first 3 months. Only father and blood relatives are allowed glimpses. 4th month onwards, introduce Nature and other distant relatives. Step by step, in humble interest of wellbeing of all future citizens.

Stop exploiting kids. Avoid your gadget freakiness in front of them. Let them remain close to mother and nature for few years.

Action items:
• Avoid flash light camera exposure for first 6 months.
• Avoid crowd in first 3 months.
• Avoid travelling for first year.
• Avoid noisy environment (marriages, functions, fire-crackers, DJ systems)
• Introduce family step by step
• Handle developing sense as if you are handling fragile utensils.
• Avoid TV, mobile, laptop exposure for first 3 years.

Use common sense. Mother nature is kind enough to guide.