Autochthonous means Originating where it is found. Of rocks, deposits, etc.; found where they and their constituents were formed. No difference when we talk about humans. Or Human-Gau relation. Or Human-Horse relation. Or Human-Dog relation.

The ideal and smooth relation is Autochthonous.

This is the reason I am firm believer and follower of localization of knowledge and skills. Esp when it is related to health as health decides how we act for our dharma. It is one of the laws of nature that wherever we find a disease, in its very neighbourhood we do find cure for the same disease; that is to say, for the diseases prevailing in India, we need not go beyond India to procure medicines to efficiently cure the disease, for there is in India itself plenty of medicines to counteract the prevailing diseases.

On same note, some real tips:

1) Tea not needed in hot and humid India.
2) Sunflower oil, olive oil, canola oil – not needed in hot and humid