This is not just about field of science. Everywhere, only discourses propagated by dominant media and establishments rule. So deep that our own people can’t see the cloud.

I suggest everyone to read book by Vamsee Juluri ji “Writing Across a Cracked World: Hindu Representation and the Logic of Narrative” to understand how narratives rule our world, including scientific community.

Many friends ask or demand upfront answer for their queries and I humbly respond that I don’t know.

Even I can’t write on planned subject. That is not how you connect the dots.

Seeds of 21st century’s dumb driven cattle type research were sown in last century where Cocktail parties and fund-raising events would decide National (and world’s) research priorities, esp. in medicine field. For example, go Google about ‘Mary Woodard Lasker’. The post WWII era.

“As with most professions in the developed world, science has been re-built around the “career” idea. Thus, like any bank clerk, we have career hierarchies, career objectives, career moves, career checkpoints and, worst of all, career-minded people.

More often than not I find myself in meetings and conversations in which the main topic is “what do we need to do to get that paper” or “what do you need to do to get that fellowship”.

Science appears to be just a thing you do to get to the next step of yet another invisible ladder.”

When I shared this post 5 years back, received valuable feedback from Ranjit Kumar Dash ji. Sharing it here.

Research as vested interest pursuit has disfigured the very face of truth in many cases and played a key role in dumbing down what good Western model of education and enquiry till (the middle of) the past century. Social sciences and even hard sciences in academes are particular casualties of this trend of research in India. This is an assault on the germ of innovation. Look at India’s track record vis-a-vis China’s in innovation though this neighbouring country has little to boast in the big ideas department. See how the market is awash with Chinese goods.