Myth of 8 glasses per day water intake
There are many simpleton sentimental social campaigns going on online. Never trust them blindly. One such campaign is ” Drink plenty of water! Drink 8 glasses per day!” 😀
Don’t be robotic. Respect your natural urge. Never impose unscientific rules.
“If we just do what our body demands us to we’ll probably get it right – just drink according to thirst rather than an elaborate schedule,” Associate Professor Farrell said.
Building on a previous study, the researchers asked participants to rate the amount of effort required to swallow water under two conditions; following exercise when they were thirsty and later after they were persuaded to drink an excess amount of water.
The results showed a three-fold increase in effort after over-drinking.
“Here for the first time we found effort-full swallowing after drinking excess water which meant they were having to overcome some sort of resistance,” Associate Professor Farrell said.
“This was compatible with our notion that the swallowing reflex becomes inhibited once enough water has been drunk.”
Associate Professor Farrell, who works in the Monash University Department of Medical Imaging and Radiation Sciences, used functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) to measure activity in various parts of the brain, focusing on the brief period just before swallowing.
The fMRI showed the right prefrontal areas of the brain were much more active when participants were trying to swallow with much effort, suggesting the frontal cortex steps in to override the swallowing inhibition so drinking could occur according to the researchers’ instructions.
“There have been cases when athletes in marathons were told to load up with water and died, in certain circumstances, because they slavishly followed these recommendations and drank far in excess of need,” he said.
Drinking too much water in the body puts it in danger of water intoxication or hyponatremia, when vital levels of sodium in the blood become abnormally low potentially causing symptoms ranging from lethargy and nausea to convulsions and coma.
So what is the right way? How much?
As much body demands! At right time!
Never drink water immediately after having meals.
Reason : Our body’s center is stomach. Body is run by the energy produced by stomach and stomach gets this energy from whatever food items we eat. Stomach contains a part called Aamashay or Jathar(epigastrium). So whenever food reaches aamashay it ignites flames which is called Jathar Agni(JatAgni). This flames are similar to the flames of cooking stove. This heat ignites as soon as first bite goes in aamashay. This jatharagni continuos to generate till the food gets digest.
Now when you drink water after having food what happens is the heat which was generated gets extinguish. Hence the digestion process slows down or gets stopped. In stomach only two process takes place , one is digestion(pachna) and other is fermentation(Sadhna). If heat ignites then only food will digest, it will get converted in juices(ras as per Ayurveda). From this ras – flesh, majja, blood, sperms, bones, excreta, urine will be formed. All this will happen only when food get digested.
Now if flames do not generate, food won’t be digest and it will start to rotten in stomach and it will create toxic enzymes like uric acid, Low density Lipo-protein(Cholesterol), Very Low Density Lipo-Protein, triglycerides and other 103 types of toxins.
So if you anytime get to know that these toxins are present in your body that means the food is not getting digested properly. So we have to make sure that the food is digested properly and for that jatar-agni should be generated continuously. So allowing food to digest properly is more important then eating food.
So please don’t drink water immediately after having your food.
When to Drink Water:
1.5 hours after having your meals.
Reason : The food that we eat has three stages of digestion. The first stage is that whatever solid and liquid we eat it gets mixed and a paste is created. This process takes place for 1hour and 30 mins . Heat is also produced till 1hour and 30 mins only as the most important work of heat flames is to create this paste. So after 1.5 hours intensity of this heat reduces but it does not get extinguish. After 1.5 hours second stage starts.
In second stage Ras(juices) formation takes place. Now as we all know whenever we prepare juice of anything then at that time only we require water. For some people ras preparation starts after 1 hour, these are the people who does lots of physical hard work.
How much water to Drink after meals: As much as you feel. But drink it Sip by Sip.
Can we drink water before meals? Yes, as much you feel but 48 mins before meals.
Reason: when we drink water it goes into entire body parts and surplus water gets deposited in urinary bladder. So this process to bring water to Urinary bladder takes 48 mins. So in Ayurveda it is told that when this process completes and all surplus water is in bladder at that time stomach gets free from water too.
Can we drink water in between meal? Yes. If you feel any necessity, you can drink 1 or 2 sips only. If you are eating more than 1 grains together , for eg: wheat roti and rice. So whenever you are eating 2 types grain so drink 1 or 2 sips of water before eating 2nd type of grain.
What we can drink immediately after Meals: Any Fruit juices(only after breakfast, because enzymes to digest fruits are present in morning), lassi(after afternoon meals) and Milk (after dinner).
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