I consider that child as ‘born with a silver spoon in your mouth’ which has access to following two things:

1) मातृहस्तेन् भोजनं | ( Food cooked by mother or motherly family member(s) )

Most kids now eat outside food more often than cooked at home.

2) मातृमुखेन् शिक्षणं | ( Learning imparted by mother or motherly family member(s) in mother-tongue)

Motherly family members are rare. Almost extinct. Unfortunate kid.

These kids are luckiest. 

Unlike popular image injected in many of us by modern life, The men have a deep involvement in actual child rearing and caring.

Few days back, I wrote about unique feeling that can sprout in anyone, male, female, biological mother, biological father or anyone! That feeling is मातृत्व. This post is about मातृत्व expressed by father.

If you are a father of infant, open up!! Let the flood of emotions submerge your child’s growing mind!! That is what he or she seeks from you!

here is the interesting note from social media:

Bayaka fathers are HIGHLY tuned to their nurturing nature. In other words the native indigenous nature of man is wholely different that the psuedo chest thumping, hardened characterization of ‘manliness’ that many of our men have taken on in response to inhumane conditions and conditioning.

“The father takes great interest in his baby. He plays, holds and hugs the child as much as the mother does. Men and women equally manifest love and care. In fact, fathers will sometimes hold their babies for very long periods of time. Hallet recalled, “The most beautiful time for a father is when he holds his baby for the very first time. He will hold his newborn with great . . . tenderness. And usually he will cry, because he is so touched by his baby.”

The men have a deep involvement in actual child rearing and caring…

(pictured: Bayaka man with his child)