This land is bestowed by 6 seasons. All 6 seasons take care of काया.3 takes care of शरीर and 3 take care of देह. [1]
वर्षा,शरद,हेमंत for देह and शिशिर,वसंत,ग्रीष्म for शरीर.
Now since we are almost in the monsoon of this year, we must take care of our देह so that it can sustain until next ग्रीष्म. 🙂
Many things but few things related to this month (two months – Ashadha (Adhik) and Ashadha )
1) निम्बु – Lemon – Use it profusely during this season. खट्टा रस helps to combat अजीर्ण. Usual problems of this month like constipation, gas and acidity (खट्टे डकार).
2) Avoid drinking water from fresh recharge of well, river and pond.
3) Find source for oil from घानी or non-refined and use it in cooking. पकोड़े (without tea made using dairy’s milk 🙂 ) Remember the meme : गरमागरम. 🙂 Do not eat cooked food after 3-4 hours.
4) In case if you sense मन्दाग्नि, उपवास (I did Today 🙂 )
5) Respect ब्रह्मचर्य. Follow it as much you can during this season.
6) Do not sleep during day time.
7) Slowdown. If your work demands extensive travelling or hard labor, slowdown.
[1] काया = शरीर + देह
शरीर, as per Sanskrit roots, is that which continuously undergoes destruction, catabolic nature. Degeneration, decay, to be rendered to pieces are natural phenomenon for शरीर.
देह , as per Sanskrit roots, that which continuously grow, anabolic nature. To develop and grow into larger identity is natural phenomenon for देह.
काया = शरीर + देह = Anabolic + Catabolic = Construction + Destruction