Modern Indian
Modern Indian

This is our modern Indian. First, he lives careless life under the influence of addictions and indulgences. Second, he surrendered to modern medicines. At last, he will expect and deamdn Ayurveda to do magic and save him.

Ayurveda is not a pseudo science that can give you false promises and instant relief like modern medicines. Without patience and zeal to live life (जिजीविषा), it can not work as savior. It demands sacrifices of your addictions. It demands you to live life in synergy with mother nature. It demands you to burn all your negative habits.

If you can, it is magic. If you cannot, don’t blame it for not saving your life.

Don’t regret if your Ayurvedic tips do not work for modern Indians. They deserve the great sunk (Doomed to extinction) since they do not respect their cultural traditions, prefer to uproot from roots and live careless life.

Picture from a book titled: “आयुर्वेद विभिन्न पहलू” by शरदिनी दहाणुकर एवं उर्मिला थत्ते