As per experience of my best doctor friend, roots of many sicknesses are in mental stress or environmental stress or both. Reduce it and you will be healed.

First thing he asks patient on examination is not about physical symptoms but environmental conditions, mental conditions. There he finds maximum root causes.

Health is प्रकृति, your inborn self. Sickness is विकृति, derangement from your प्रकृति (Your inborn bodily and mental constitution). True treatment fix the derangement scale of प्रकृति. Pseudo medicine tries to hide symptoms of विकृति for time being which gives you false ego of being healthy.


Most diseases, except those natural to the course of time (part of development/growth of child i.e. Viral infection or part of aging i.e. pain in joints), are from the psychological imbalance born of unnecessary self-consciousness/Ego/Anger/Greed i.e. mental stress (Positive or negative stress*).

So solution lies in curing all layers of body and not just the physical layer i.e.

Modern medicine with only physical mass can at the best cure first layer of body i.e. Physical body.

Homeopathy medicine with Pranic layer (Due to continuous churning process during preparation) can best cure second layer of body along with little impact on physical layer. So if your sickness is rooted in Pranic body, you will be cured. Otherwise, you will find it pseudo science.

Ayurvedic medicines can cure both physical and Pranic layer due to their liveliness.

But if the sickness is rooted in mental plane, no physical medicine can cure it. To cure the mental body, you need good thoughts. You need good company (friends and family who are always positive about life and you). You need healthy talks. You need to spend more time with mother nature. Your doctor ( Be it allopathic or homeppathic or Ayurvedic) should be pious (and not greedy businessman planning to grab insurance money) and has selfless intention to see you in good health. You need to remain positive in all odd situations presented by life.

Think about it. Nothing wrong in keeping our ‘Educated-in-Science Ego ‘ aside if this understanding bears good health and keep us healthy forever. Take care.

* Positive stress – uncontrolled desire to remain ahead in rat race, chasing material things and for that the sacrifice of other aspects of life (Family, friend, children etc).
* Negative stress – Anger/Greed/Lust