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Light Controlled Humans – Soon!
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Mental blindness is more dangerous. You see the world with fixed lenses that you cannot adjust! And so impaired vision 🙂
When I shared harmful effects of LED last week, many educated friends opposed. 🙂 Some of them called me fanatic opposing govt scheme. That is mental blindness! Whatever Narendra Modi govt does, is right! 😀
On the other hand, I come across friends from educated groups who cannot digest facts when I tell them that Suryanamskar in front of rising sun can alter your DNAs! They cannot even digest desi cow with hump producing superior milk because she is free to graze under sunlight! That is mental blindness.
Here, a paper for them from MIT

Controlling genes with light

A single pulse of light is enough to stimulate the protein binding and initiate DNA copying.


Although human cells have an estimated 20,000 genes, only a fraction of those are turned on at any given time, depending on the cell’s needs — which can change by the minute or hour. To find out what those genes are doing, researchers need tools that can manipulate their status on similarly short timescales.

That is now possible, thanks to a new technology developed at MIT and the Broad Institute that can rapidly start or halt the expression of any gene of interest simply by shining light on the cells.

The work is based on a technique known as optogenetics, which uses proteins that change their function in response to light. In this case, the researchers adapted the light-sensitive proteins to either stimulate or suppress the expression of a specific target gene almost immediately after the light comes on.

“Cells have very dynamic gene expression happening on a fairly short timescale, but so far the methods that are used to perturb gene expression don’t even get close to those dynamics. To understand the functional impact of those gene-expression changes better, we have to be able to match the naturally occurring dynamics as closely as possible,” says Silvana Konermann, an MIT graduate student in brain and cognitive sciences.

The ability to precisely control the timing and duration of gene expression should make it much easier to figure out the roles of particular genes, especially those involved in learning and memory. The new system can also be used to study epigenetic modifications — chemical alterations of the proteins that surround DNA — which are also believed to play an important role in learning and memory.



Side note:If light turns genes ON and OFF, is it not pseudo science to engage in gene modification (GMO food, Cancer treatment by gene injection etc) ?

The real issue with depleting crop yield or faulty immune system or increasing crop diseases or human sicknesses is not genes but Environment – The sunlight refractions in form of alien inorganic chemicals around.

There is certainly lack of प्राण around. And that switches OFF many vital genes.

Do Surya Namaskar daily. Spend time with the mighty father Sun everyday. Sunrise and Sunset. Do Homa/Agnihotra daily. And see the difference.

Zebu cattle, our Gau mata, has Surya Ketu Nadi. Let her graze the land freely and she will absorb Prana from the Sun and restore it in the soil so that we get Prana from the food.

Light = प्राण = सूर्य = Cellular intelligence.