WHOI Study Sheds Light on Previously Overlooked Aspect of Whale Songs



Now we find meanings in whale’s songs. We find them unique and meaningful! We find intelligent responses by plants! We find microbes communicating with each other! 🙂

But when our महाकाव्य रामायण & महाभारत talks about same where humans / birds / animals / plants can talk with each other or rather understand each other, we consider it as mere poetic imagination! How shallow and self-insulting we are! 🙂

Think about it! On this note, do recite महाकाव्य at home! Esp. with kids! it will open up many avenues of the brain!! There is deep penetrating impact of reading Ramayana!!


WHOI Study Sheds Light on Previously Overlooked Aspect of Whale Songs

Researchers have known for decades that whales create elaborate songs, sometimes projecting their calls for miles underwater. A new study from the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI), however, has revealed a previously unknown element of whale songs that could aid this mode of communication, and may play a pivotal role in locating other whales in open ocean.

In a paper published in the November 2 issue of the online journal Biology Letters, WHOI biologist Aran Mooney describes approaching a group of humpback whales off the coast of the Hawaiian island of Maui. From aboard small research boat, he and his team measured two components of the whales’ songs—pressure waves (the type of sound wave that pushes on human eardrums, allowing us to hear), and particle motion (the physical vibration of a substance as sound moves through it). Surprisingly, he notes, particle motion in the water propagated much further than expected.