When a movie Bhag Milkha Bhag was released, many of my friends got inspired from it started running!

Last Sunday, I asked them:

“So how many of you started running/exercising after watching Bhag Milkha Bhag? How many? ”

Oh, you started but…stopped within a week? hmmmm!

Remember, inspiration ignites from within. And only living and pure hearts can act as catalysts to ignite you from within. FAKE actors and VIRTUAL shows cannot create long lasting impact.

There was silence in the group 🙂  You must have watched below speech. Right? If not, watch it first.

Like this, so many movies came about system change (Recent Satyagraha), corruption and what not. They satisfied us, charged us for 3 hrs and then…as usual…routine…
Better, we spend precious life time with real people and reciprocate inspiration for each other’s life goals. Self-help books, society-help movies – they can never serve as primary inspirational source.

Mass mediums like Cinema, TV, Facebook are designed to govern mass psyche. Individual’s tendency to get governed by medium depends upon several things, not limited to individual’s capacity to learn/unlearn, ability to discriminate between right and wrong, ability to resist mental control etc. And this pool of abilities to avoid becoming puppet of mass mediums, is either get developed under real mediums or is born gifts by nature.
On the other hand, Self-talk-medium (Silence with self), Guru-medium, friend-medium, mentor medium are not to govern others but to uplift them towards deeper self-realization. Heart to heart connections. Thats where fakes fall short.


  1. “And only living and pure hearts can act as catalysts to ignite you from within.” Very True I was not able to put this experience into words thanks ji.