Many times Intellectuals ask me: “how would ignorant men from remote corners of the Bharat are enlighten without studying shashtra? ज्ञान and भक्ति – Both are essential.”

First of all – ज्ञान has nothing to do with learning Sanskrit or learning spiritual texts.

ज्ञान is the essence. Core of self-realization. Your study of spiritual texts is mere one way of it. You need it because your Prakriti in this birth is designed for it. Many others don’t need it. That does not mean they will never receive ज्ञान.

साम प्राणं प्रपध्ये |

सामवेद गायन और उपासनाका विषय है| ईश गुणोंके गायन एवं ईश उपासनासे प्राण का बल बढ़ता है| भक्ति with Guru’s blessing is enough for many in the path of self-realization.

Many paths, one goal. Choose (or let Guru choose) based on your innate disposition for this birth.