Mango Diversity

Case for lost diversity. Mango.

There were around 30000+ rice varieties. All unique! Local. With great medicinal properties. One by one, all of them lost. Why?

Thanks to market driven obsession with some high yield varieties.

Same process is going on with Indian Mango.

For majority in consumer culture (urban, NRIs), mango = Kesar (केसर) or Aafus (हाफुस).

Mango is critical to indian culture, for the spring onset is indicated by the mango buds coming out and the cuckoo starting to sing even sweeter than before, the classical description of spring.

Mango diversity is equally critical. Take care to preserve it. Encourage farmers to grow local varieties.

As an Individual, start demanding various types so that farmers are encouraged to nurture and grow all types of mangoes.