There is systematic propaganda in the age of information. When you search for malnutrition, you will always be directed to the African children and poverty!

That is not the complete picture!! Malnourished children live in your neighborhood too! Those unfortunate children who were never told the detrimental impact of junk food! Those children who are addicted to cold drinks and junk fast food. They are also malnourished! Those who get bread and toast in breakfast, biscuit in lunch and chocolates everyday!

For how long these intellectuals will pump chemically stuffed food to their children?

As long as there is solution by their pet science for all anomalies! Supplements! Vaccines! Super food!

Malnutrition is no more a poor’s problem. These middle class armchairs who never visited any farm, supporting GMO and all – their kids too are malnourished!

TB prevails in higher middle class too! Auto-immune diseases are seen in higher middle class and elite class more often! 🙂

Jay ho Green Revolution ki! 😀 Jay ho vikas ki! Jay ho modern diet ki!