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Internal Loggers : antibiotics
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This first photo from WWF is very popular meme explaining deforestation. Imagine a virgin forest in tropical area. Dense and full of life. From insects to primates. Richest diversity. Now imagine loggers moving in to cut the forest using chainsaw. Bulldozing 1000s of years of work by mother nature.

Yes, forest will regrow for sure. But never like before. Since reforestation efforts are manual, humane, it will not be complex and natural. Diversity will drop. Sensitive species will die out. Invaders will flourish.

Understand the risk of mindless deforestation by man-made machines? Dangerous, right?

Same thing happens when we take antibiotics. For the complex ecosystem of the gut, on a scale a million times tinier, the principle still stands. As we bulldoze native microbes in our body, unique GUT flora gifted to us by our mother, family members and home we live in, perish. But as I utter again and again, mother nature does not like vacuum, this empty GUT soon will be taken over again. But never like virgin forest. You may get unknown microbes. Some against your nature. Some altering your habits. Good or bad, you cannot predict. Antibiotic chainsaws and invasive pathogens pull apart the web of life that’s forged a balance through countless subtle interactions. If the destruction is large enough, the system cannot bounce back.

Not only antibiotics, unhealthy diet too is the cause. Eating food at unknown places. Eating from unknown cooks.

So for growing children, it is very critical to avoid antibiotics and unknown food. As much as possible.

Logger outside and loggers inside : Avoid. Or expect collapse, sooner or later. Of great intensity or lower. Your luck 🙂 Your kid’s luck. 🙂 Take care. (Y)

Prevention is the only cure. Keep body stress-free. Have good food. Sound sleep. No addictions. Early morning exercise. Evening walk in the woods. Happy moments with family. That is real medicine.