The child puts things in his mouth, not because he wants to eat them, but because that’s his most developed sense, and that is how he learn to identify the vast objective world. It shows that we learn from going back to what we know. Initial years of childhood is the time of play, and as mammals, we are actually designed to learn through play, which is how we gather information. Let your child enjoy care-free world of learning. School is secondary, learning is primary. If he or she does not like school, let it be! Do not force! Do not plan a plot of dumb driven cattle! Einstein said that he would rather have imagination than intellect. It is imagination that forms the basis for our later intelligence.

Play, life is a play. Play, no hassles of intellectual pressures in early age, just play, period. Abundance of free-style learning! Irrespective of age, this is divine concept taught by Krishna in Bhagwad Gita to us –> Life is play, play it effortlessly!