Laptops on Laps 1New habit that is cropping up in professionals.

Office Commute time is 1-2 hrs. Put LAPTOPs on LAPs for working while commuting to utilize the time. Utilizing time is good but what EMFs and heat radiations from LAPTOP is doing to your body while sitting on your LAP? What we are doing is providing employment to IVF centers 😉. “We want kid on our lap or laptop on our lap”, choice is ours.

Are we really “educated”?(There is trend in young people to “educate” people on how to use technology for their betterment. Good Sign. Being Selfless. Along with it, please educate yourself as well to not let technology use you)

Warning that is issued by a manufacturing company:
Laptops on Laps 2

What can be done:

  1. Use external keyboard as much as possible.
  2. Avoid Lap for placing Laptop, if necessary, have atleast 1 foot cushion in between.
  3. Do not use laptop while charging, due to strong electric current densities while charging.



“As a tendency to use new technologies, gadgets such as laptop computers are becoming more popular among students, teachers, businessmen and office workers. Today laptops are a great tool for education and learning, work and personal multimedia. Millions of men, especially those in the reproductive age, are frequently using their laptop computers on the lap (thigh). Over the past several years, our lab has focused on the health effects of exposure to different sources of electromagnetic fields such as cellular phones, mobile base stations, mobile phone jammers, laptop computers, radars, dentistry cavitrons and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI). Our own studies as well as the studies performed by other researchers indicate that using laptop computers on the lap adversely affects the male reproductive health. When it is placed on the lap, not only the heat from a laptop computer can warm men’s scrotums, the electromagnetic fields generated by laptop’s internal electronic circuits as well as the Wi-Fi Radiofrequency radiation hazards (in a Wi-Fi connected laptop) may decrease sperm quality. Furthermore, due to poor working posture, laptops should not be used on the lap for long hours.”

“When close to the body, the laptop induces currents that are within 34.2% to 49.8% ICNIRP recommendations, but not negligible, to the adult’s body and to the fetus (in pregnant women).

On the contrary, the power supply induces strong intracorporal electric current densities in the fetus and in the adult subject, which are respectively 182-263% and 71-483% higher than ICNIRP 98 basic restriction recommended to prevent adverse health effects.”

This led them to conclude:

“Laptop is paradoxically an improper site for the use of a LTC, which consequently should be renamed to not induce customers towards an improper use.”