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Democracy cannot work when subjects are individuals. When subjects are kept engaged in selfish perusals. When Citizens are trained to indulge in selfish motives. This faulty state is outcome of Education. Education of Individuation. Education of breeding individual slaves. Education of breeding herd mentality. Education of breeding timidity.

On the contrary, education must aid in this self-fulfilment, and not in the acquisition of mere objective knowledge. It is more concerned with the subject than the object, the inner than the outer world. But there is a method in this madness. The theory is that it is hopeless to get at the Knowledge of the whole in and through its parts, through the individual objects making up the universe. The right way is directly to seek the source of all life and knowledge, and not to acquire knowledge piecemeal by the study of objects. The pursuit of objective. Knowledge is thus not the chief concern of this Education. When the mind is withdrawn from the world of matter, and does not indulge in individuation, knowledge of whole dawns on it.

Individuation or discriminating the individual from the generic group or species is outcome of Modern Education plus Ayn Rand type writings. Problem with such bent of mind is that Individuation shuts out omniscience, knowledge of whole. The mind takes the form of object in knowing it. It is trained to limit itself to the object, lucid trap. Bondage. It limits vision, knowledge, and omniscience. In such limited mind, democracy cannot flourish.

Our education system must transform from this Individuation to omniscience. Reversion. Help Society to produce selfless and pious teachers as a first step of reversion.