न देवा दण्डमादाय रक्षन्ति पशुपालवत् |
यं तु रक्षितुमिच्छन्ति बुद्ध्या संयोजयन्ति तम् |
(- महाभारत)

God is not one who will walk behind guiding you like cows with a stick. But God gives intelligence (to solve problems by oneself) to one whom god wishes to protect.

(Thank you Aparna ji for sharing this quote)
Like how Murph was guided by her dad from fifth dimension (Gravity anomaly), all our forefathers too influence us, in positive or negative manner, based on their innate nature. Like Murph’s library (information) ghost, there is parental influence on our personality. I understand it as ‘Pitru Rina-पितृ रुण’ or relation with forefathers which influences our thoughts and actions.

Not only forefathers, singular consciousness or God guide us. All our thoughts, insights, inspirations, opportunities, situations in favor of societal transformation, selfless actions are sent to this universe from the other world. Who sent it? “They” as movie interstellar talks about.

Some of us use words like ‘Genetic imprints’ or ‘Heredity’ to explain forefathers influence. But in my understanding, this exchange of information does not happen just on physical plane, like it is shown in movie, but is a subject of mental plane. To receive potent hints, we must first clean and condition our minds so that we can receive the hints, decipher them (Like Murph did) and use the wise advises for the welfare of the family, society and the universe.

There are several rituals in the culture of this land (Not sure about other cultures, there may be similar rituals. Subject of research.), to purify mind. Most popular is Yoga. It helps in mind purification which can lead to life sustaining actions. Mind becomes more receptive for deciphering guidance sent from fifth dimension 🙂. It is different thing that rituals have become mechanical, devoid of real purpose.

I do not deny scientific way to explain interstellar. But this is also interesting aspect if you wish to ponder upon. Think about it. Even if you are non-believer or atheist, forefathers influence does impact. Think about it. Take care. (Y)