Dependency is an advantage that strengthens bonds & improves survival probability of group.

Modern life motivational speakers, self-help books, corporate training teach you to be independent! They demand you to live nuclear life! Against joint family! They brainwash you to rely on giants for food and other basic needs! Who cares about cobblers, farmers, potters? Get it directly from shelf! Who cares about the source?? Who cares if they are being exploited? Most tailors now work as salaried slave of big cloth brand giants! 2-3 decades back, they were enterprising! Having their own business! Now? Salaried slave! Same trend in all professions!



And that is nothing but a grand illusion. While you ignore your local dependencies, you rely heavily on giant corporations! 🙂 Think about it!

Dependency is good. Revive culture of cobblers, potters and farmers. Or remain slave of giants by enjoying ‘being independent’ illusion! Ecosystem of healthy inter-dependence is the future need!

Post by Nisarg Joshi