HIGH fat diet => Eye degeneration


Most critical organ of the body besides Heart is GUT and not brain! Sadly, we treat it like a gutter!

In past 5 years, I have shared almost 100 researches connecting GUT microbes with different bodily phenomenons.

This research is addition to it.

GUT Microbes affects major Eye diseases!

In Hindu Dharma, we worship two God(s) daily. Hanuman and Ganesh. They are always there in any temples.

They represent Muladhara. The Gut Protectors.


Microbes in your gut influence major eye disease

Bacteria in your intestines may play an important role in determining if you will develop blinding wet Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD).
“Our study suggests that diets rich in fat alter the gut microbiome in a way that aggravates wet AMD, a vascular disease of the aging eye. Influencing the types of microbes that reside in your gut either through diet or by other means may thus affect the chances of developing AMD and progression of this blinding disease”, says Dr Sapieha. Professor Sapieha holds the Wolfe Professorship in Translational Vision Research and a Canada Research Chair in retinal cell biology. The study was funded by the Foundation Fighting Blindness, the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, and thr Fond de Recherche en Ophthalmologie de l’Université de Montreal.