Any art form, is not perfect for consumption by senses governed by life form striving spiritual uplift (a quantum leap from current state of consciousness to higher one), until the art form can express the Universe within and outside without adding human intellectual touch (which actually can limit the spiritual journey of the seeker focusing on Idol).

Thus, in Idol worship, perfection of reflection of universe in art is critically important. For this to happen, it is important for artist to cultivate pious nature, surrendered to mother nature and her different plays. And to connect with Maa, it is important to recite her glory daily.

There is interesting conversation between King Vajra and Sage Markendya in Vishnudharmottara Purana about it.

King Vajra wants to learn art of Idol making.

He seeks guidance from Sage Markendya.

And Sage prescribes him to learn following art in sequence to become master of Idol creator.

Vocal music (Reciting Vedas) => Instrumental Music => Natya Shashtra => Chitra Kala (Painting in 2D) => Becoming sculptor

In short, it is important to realize cosmos, to express it so potently so that seekers can connect with God by concentrating on divine play captured in Idol.

May Maa bless more potent artists to the world.