Ideal citizen, who? व्रत धारण करनेवाला, नियमोका पालन करनेवाला. धृतव्रत. Which school teaches students to remain firmly resolute for family, society and nation? Send your children there!


Ideal citizen is who? The one who can involve self in Nation Building and Sustenance. If citizen does not live as per changes in universe, he remains occupied solving his own issues (Health, Family, Addiction) and gets no time for Nation.

‘ऋत्विज’ is the medal to be earned by each one of us and become healthy, strong, bold and responsible citizen. Be ऋत्विज and take part in societal yagna!

**Seasons followed by ऋत्विज :

1) seasons, months, fortnights, weeks, days, time of day(Morning,noon, evening,, night)
2) infancy, youth, manhood, and decrepitude

[ Ritwijam goes beyond ritucharya though. Separate topic]


Ideal citizen, who? The one who is so powerful by his mental and physical strength that he has no enemy that can injure him. His prabhava (influence) is so full of vigor that no enemy takes step forward to injure him. Imagine Nation full of such citizens, equipped with most advanced weaponry, physical, mental and spiritual.


Ideal Citizen: Fearless, who spends life in fostering & establishing dharma (righteousness) in own life, society, the nation and the universe.Send your children to such schools who instill this quality!