Biologist says: “I think of the body as a population of cells, similar to the population of human organisms walking this earth,”

Well, we do it all the time. Bharat Bhumi (Macrocosm) is reflection of Manushya Bhumi (Ayodhya or Microcosm) and vice versa.


We are taught that DNA governs our body. Fake dogma followed by Watson and Creek’s DNA model ruled so called scientific temper in last few decades. Now they realize that it was all fake.

Mutations, copying errors and editing errors – they all have purpose. Some of them do cause diseases but most of them keeps us healthy.

This means DNA has no role in our destiny 🙂

Gross body and gross experiments on it won’t help us in self-realization. Go deeper. Think about Manomay sharir, Pranamay sharir, past life karma, this life’s karma. They all together sum up as destiny 🙂.

Talk of the town is DNA diversity 🙂. It is actually based on thoughts diversity. Sanskar processes (conditioning). Child development. Environment. Lot more unexpected parameters. 🙂

Now talk about immune system. DNA diversity is without a doubt essential to health as per modern biology.

i would say, this DNA diversity (and in turn immunity) depends upon your जिजीविषा (desire to live best life state so that you can offer your duties). Stronger the desire, better DNa diversity, effortless immunity i.e. integrity of body cells and bacteria i.e Strong I-ness.

As the title of the article suggests,” I Contain Multitudes” – true that. I am, the “I” is aggregation of cellular Egos. In Panchkoshiya design, it is about the Devta(s), Pitru(s) , Rushi(s).

Good morning. Think beyond gross body. Put extra efforts in deciphering “Who am I?” (Y) 😉 🙂

Do read the article to stretch a mind little bit and appreciate Maa’s wonders in our body.

I Contain Multitudes