For the most part living creatures are driven to eat by hunger. For us humans, many other things besides hunger affect our nutritional habits. In fact, our world is bombarded with all kinds of triggers for unhealthy nutritional choices.

We are the only animal who possess powerful mind to simulate false hunger, psychologically. Psychological hunger occurs when there are no physical indicators that it is time to refuel your body. You just feel like having something to eat. Psychological hunger is usually caused by an internal or an environmental trigger. Triggers like constant bombardments of advertisements, street food smell, unavoidable social dinners, mood swings etc. Such false alarms about hunger leads to indigestion. Indigestion is root cause of almost all diseases known to mankind.

It is very essential to re-register your sense of psychological hunger and fight against false triggers for healthy living. Periodical fasting is most essential life routine to remind yourself real sense of hunger. Say thanks to your rich cultural legacy for providing such simple but effective tool.

Fast. Sense Hunger. Eat ritually and not like taste-bud-insects. Save world from food waste and diseases.

Eat to live, don’t live to eat.