As a society, we have developed mass murder obsession and so we find ways to kill imagined and illusive enemies like bacteria and other microbes. Due to this obsession, we have developed highly unscientific method called pasteurization. Not only Milk, we heat Honey too. Honey that is available in the market is Agmark honey and this honey is strongly heated before packaging. According to Ayurveda, heated honey is Sanskara viruddha food.

The idea is that heat destroys enzymes. And basically any time you are going to heat honey the enzymes are going to get destroyed and as a result dilute a lot of the medicinal value of the honey.

Viruddha Ahara is a unique concept described in Ayurveda. Many modern mass production food processing methods are converting healthy food into Viruddha Ahara (antagonistic food). As good as toxins.

And you wonder, why Honey does not show medicinal value? And the belief propagated modern medicine that Ayurveda is all fake guess work, will become strong and strong.

Branded and packaged Honey (and many such other packaged food items sold in name healthy food) – What a waste of ancient knowledge!