How to celebrate Holika Dahan Katha vidhi

In rural Bharat, festivals still receive good amount of attention. We really don’t need to ask this question in rustic Bharat that होली कब है? You start noticing the changes in environment. You follow Hindu version of calendar (panchang). Your community start preparation for the upcoming festival. If it is Shiva Ratri, preparation begins a week before. For Holi, a month before. For Diwali, two months before.

We really don’t need to ask: होली कब है?

Holi kab hai? Must ponder upon value of festivity. Have we lost it (The essence and importance of festivity) in a race of having long weekends? 🙂 Think about it!
I see no specific charm for festivals nowadays. Long weekend hai? To accha hai…nahi to Holi pe mein kya karuga? 🙂 Everything is global :D.
Shopping + DJ + Crackers + Dining out = Any XYZ festival in urban India 🙂
The diversity, individual’s involvement and associated joy is …where are they? 🙂