कुसुम means form of fire. Fire is the reason of our existence. On this auspicious day, we must celebrate different forms of fire, working 24×7 to keep our universe alive. Human mind has limitation. It is difficult for ordinary man to revere formless fire.
To worship fire, you worship her shades. Colors. Flower of कुसुम is magician; it can create as many colors you want. Sprinkle them on each-other, give human form to fire element in your near and dear ones bodies.

Worship colorful humans, worship fire.

Amongst the plant sources, Safllower (kusum) occupied a central position so far as development of various other color derivatives from it is concerned. Picture depicts various colors gifted by Kusum. Consider them different forms of fire (Samagni, Vishamagni, Tikshnagni, Mandagni etc i.e. life sustaining processes)
Colors help you to revere essential life force.

Happy Holi.

PS: It is good exercise for parents to learn method of color formation using Safllower. Grow them and help your children to prepare natural colors using कुसुम. Teach them Fire worship.