When Viral myth (here) whistle blowers claimed this decade back, world made fun of them. HIV is nothing but hype. As I share here, yes, there are viruses but it is up to body, to respond.

So please note once and for all: Completely healthy HIV infected individuals is not a myth! It is reality! Because HIV is a myth! Immune deficiency is not!



Children who are HIV-positive but remain free of AIDS are very rare. In the absence of antiretroviral therapy, over 99% of individuals infected with HIV go on to develop full-blown AIDS, and the condition evolves more rapidly in children than in adults. However, between 5 and 10% of perinatally infected HIV-positive children avoid this fate, as an international research collaboration, led by Dr. Maximilian Muenchhoff at LMU’s Max von Pettenkofer Institute and colleagues based at the University of Oxford (Professor Philip Goulder), report in the current issue of the journal Science Translational Medicine. The group has characterized the immunological responses of a cohort of these so-called non-progressors – HIV-positive children in South Africa who contracted the infection from their mothers but who remain healthy. At the time of the study, the average age of the cohort was just under 8½ years old.

The investigations reveal that these children have high concentrations of circulating HIV particles, although their immune system remains fully functional. “Interestingly however, these infected but healthy children exhibit only low levels of immune activation. In addition, while the spectrum of cell types that contain the virus – the so-called viral reservoir – is very complex it is predominantely restricted to short-lived CD4+ T cells in these young non-progressors,” says Dr. Maximilian Muenchhoff. In addition, the researchers found that most of these children have high levels of potent and broadly neutralizing antibodies directed against HIV.