“Indian vessels are so admirably adapted to the purposes for which they are required that , not withstanding their superior science, EUROPEANS WERE UNABLE, during an intercourse with India for 200 years, to suggest or to bring into successful practice one single improvement!”

– John Malcolm in first volume of the journal of the Royal asiatic society, London

If you want to rule group of humans, be it small clan or a nation like Bharat, you must kill their self-esteem & self-confidence. Britishers knew this tactic very well and hence many chapters of glorious past have been eliminated from Education. For example, Hindus’ maritime technologies and activities.

The history of Hindu maritime activity, though a forgotten chapter for 21st century students, had great value as demonstrating the practical capabilities of the Hindu genius in days of yore.

Navigation and especially ocean navigation, is one of the difficult arts, and the pursuit of the same before advent of locomotives, exhibits daring, enterprise, skill and resourcefulness.

To show how far the pursuit of art was successful, here is the testimony from French soil in 1811