Marriage and Turmeric paste
Marriage and Turmeric paste

Marriage is one of the longest rituals of Hindu tradition. Demands healthy state of body and mind. Marriage is the time when young male and young female begins new journey together. Journey of love with so many critical duties towards future children, parents, society, Nation and mother Earth.

To perform all these duties, it is important to have healthy body and mind. Rituals (chanting mantras, taking vows, taking blessings of elderly, receiving wishes from all well-wishers) help in purifying mind. Ritual ingredients nourishes body. Like Turmeric.

Even if you are so called rationalist or intellectual, you are bound by rules of nature. It is always wise to respect them. Keep aside your rational arrogance. 🙂.

Whether you believe it or not, turmeric will do its job.

Turmeric paste ceremony is defacto ritual of Indian marriage, irrespective of caste, region and language.

What is the purpose?

To glow skin so that good photographs are captured? 😀 ;lol. No.

Anti-XYZ (Anti viral, anti bacterial, anti cancer, anti fungal) protection?:D Turmeric’s many “ANTI-“ usages are already known to us. Simply logic is: It improves immunity of bride and groom. Prepares them to handle stress of long rituals. No.

These are all supplementary benefits.

Real purpose is: To balance tridosha. Turmeric can balance Tridosha of body. In earlier times, Marriage ceremony used to be critical milestone of life. Couple decides to start Samsara. Grihastha life. Grihastha life is backbone of society. They have to take care of family, society and entire Nation. All their actions play critical role. They have to be healthy and balanced. So Turmeric Paste Ritual. (Now marriage is a license to do unlimited SEX! Right? That is what I hear in social circles)

They may plan for child too. It is super critical to be in balanced dosha body while planning next generation. This is to give Jiva who is going to enter in life form, a best possible body constitution to perform karmic duties and avoid doshic sufferings throughout entire life. So Turmeric Paste Ritual.

Not only before marriage, before planning a child at any point of time in marriage, one should use turmeric paste ritual for a week before planning night.

Even before starting any new venture of life, use turmeric paste for a week.

So communal and superstitious ritual, right? 😀 Wait and watch, world will soon adopt this. (These educated fools who condemn Indian rituals deserve lack of benefits of them and sufferings. So ignore their mockery 🙂 )

Unfortunately, this ritual is now performed for only fun sake. To click yellow pic and upload them in Facebook. 🙂

PS: If you really want to do charity, provide real curcumin rich turmeric to all poor couples as marriage gift and explain them benefits. Ask them to use this ritual before planning child. We will get more healthy next generation. Cases of polio and other diseases will reduce in slum area. Birth defects will be reduced.