We are on the verge of yet another season of this year. हेमंत ऋतू. Season of strength building.

हेमंत ऋतू


Storage time for body. संचय. संग्रह. Save fire and strength for next 6 months (3 seasons – Winter (शिशिर), Spring(वसंत), Summer(ग्रीष्म)).

Not only physical strength but also mental strength.

वसंत is a season of procreation in Nature. And it reflects in human minds too.

This season (कार्तिक & मार्गशीर्ष or Nov/Dec) is a preparation period for ideal procreation time (Family planning) of the year i.e. वसंत. Due to Monsoon(वर्षा) and Sharad (शरद) seasons, body’s biological rhythms have become irregular. In female, menstruation cycle is generally disturbed during months of monsoon and sharad. And so this is the reason why marriages are prohibited during this time. After Prabodhini Ekadashi, Dev Uthani Ekadashi (3rd Nov 2014 for this year) , marriage muhuruts are prescribed. And again during end of the हेमंत and start of शिशिर (Dec-Jan) is an inauspicious time so no marriage is planned due to seasonal changes effects on body.

During हेमंत , husband and wife should purify their body by regulating food habits. This is ideal time to go on tirth yatra. In modern parlance, plan trips to trekking in jungle. Spend more and more time with Nature. You should have planted flowering plants during monsoon so that they bloom during this time and you can have mental tonic every day. Observing flowers to bloom creates procreation thoughts in couple planning for progeny.

What food should we eat during हेमंत ?

1) Eat sweets. पाक & पकवान.
2) Today is Akhshay Navami (1st Nov 2014). Eat कद्दू or pumpkin. कद्दू is वीर्य वर्धक, वातहर & पित्त regulator. It resolves constipation. It regulates fire in body. It nurtures brain. Very essential to remove mental problems. Mental disorders can be cured. Since excessive vayu is removed, possibility of joint pain during peak winter is reduced. So eat pumpkin Today and in हेमंत season.
3) Tulsi pooja. Tulsi also cures mental disorders. Tulsi also works as वातहर and पित्तहर. Have Tulsi leaves and seeds as prasad. Tulsi seeds are used to increase reproductive strength. Since Sweet food is need of Winter, Tulsi and pumpkin balances problems caused by excessive sweet taste.
4) सीताफल, अमला,बोर,टमाटर, गाजर

We begin this season with Sweet food. Sour follows sweet. Salty follows Sour. This balances tridosha and helps us to store energy and nutrition for next 6 months.

Happy Hemant!