2 posts back I shared how hospital environment alter GUT microbes for new-born. Several other posts shared here also discussed impact of place on human microbes. How we share microbes with each-other.

Hair cut

Cutting hair is not so simple activity. Your body goes through radical changes. It activates Apana Vayu as purging happens. So much of प्राण is getting exchanged.

And so this is highly personalized activity. If I am not wrong, it used to happen at home. Barber visits home and perform the activity in your local environment.

Now, we have public place. So much of chaos as multiple cutting happen together. We increase chances of exchanging बिमार प्राण & मन with others.

Now this seems very trivial point but for many, it is powerful enough to cause unforeseen consequences. 🙂

At least for kids below 5 , prefer home-based hair cut.

PS: In modern saloon, one is owner and rest are workers. In individual Barber model, all barbers are independent. 🙂 . Note the difference of treating individual vocation.

Interesting comments received on original post in FB

Geeta Press publication, नित्य कर्म पूजा प्रकाश “Nitya Karma Pooja Prakash” – the manual for daily living mentions that after क्षौर कर्म “Kshaur Karma”, person becomes चांडाल chaandaal. So स्नान snan is must after क्षौर कर्म kshaur karma. In Tamil Brahmin homes, it is still insisted. I learnt from my dad. But mostly, this wisdom is lost now.

जल is प्राणवाहक. So after any activity involving heavy exchange of प्राण (here hair cut) , स्नान is must to replenish प्राण of skin and senses.

क्षुरः – kShuraH – razor, knife

Remember those days when you (or your dad) would go to the barber shop and get a shave done with the ‘ustaraa’ (उस्तरा)? Some even thought of having one for home, to save on the constant expense on the flimsy blades that went blunt in 3 shaves.

The word for knife in common parlance is chhura (छुरा), or chhuri (छुरी).

The famous Zanjeer movie song that went –
chakku chhuriyaan ~~~~
tez karA lo
chakku ki aisee dhaar
ke chakku ban jaaye talwar
(चक्कू छुरियाँ ~~~~~
तेज़ करा लो
चक्कू की ऐसी धार
के चक्कू बन जाए तलवार)

THAT chhuri.

The word comes from Sanskrit word – kShuraH (क्षुरः) .

kShur = क्षुर् = to scratch, to cut
kShuraH = क्षुरः = razor
kShurikA = क्षुरिका = knife, dagger

And we know how ‘kSha’ gets modified into ‘chha’ or ‘kha’ or ‘Sha’ in languages derived from Sanskrit. That is normal linguistic simplification.
kShetra (क्षेत्र) becomes khet (खेत) (field)
kShetrapaala (क्षेत्रपाल) become khetarpaal (खेतरपाल) (surname)

Only real macho guys get a shave with a ‘kShuraH’ anymore.
All others are safe in the hands of Mach 5 Twin Blade Smooth Glide Razor Blades.
Sounds like some space mission!