गृहस्थ ऋषि is the most sublime possible archetype (Something that serves as a model or a basis for making copies) gifted by culture(संस्कृति) of our motherland. More गृहस्थ ऋषि(s) society can produce, mightier the Nation will become. When we use गृहस्थ prefix for ऋषि, it does not mean ऋषि will downgrade his living as per ordinary गृहस्थ (Having attachments for Sansar and Sanaric vices) but quite reversal of it, ऋषि demonstrates perfect detached living. This is very critical subject of research. Experiment and document this archetype in present state of universe.

Dr. XYZ is first XYZ and then Dr. XYZ is inherent nature and being Dr is unavoidable duty. Similarly, गृहस्थ ऋषि is first ऋषि and being गृहस्थ is unavoidable duty. If you become ऋषि, you can become गृहस्थ and yet remain unaffected by सांसारिक illusions. That is the purpose of producing गृहस्थ ऋषि(s).

With life progression, गृहस्थ ऋषि will become संन्यासी ऋषि. Swa-Dharma changes with age, prefix changes with time but inherent nature remains same i.e. Being ऋषि.