When I wrote about how movies create illusion, my friend responded this:

“What is the use of illusion after all? It is all entertainment! Just a background score!”

So, I had to go in detail about auditory illusion.

First and foremost question: Why would someone bother about illusion served in entertainment?

To answer this, separate post is written here. The post is about visual illusion and hijacking visual pathways of brain:

Maareecha to Mass Medium : Neural Pathway Hijacking and Nano-pollution

Mass delusion creation is the last resort for राक्षस!

Did you ever read the description of Maareecha as deer? Let us go through it to realize importance of what I am trying to convey.

highly splendorous and fascinating deer

मनोहरम् दर्शनीयम् रूपम्

And with hundreds of silvery stipples of body he became an astonishing deer with pleasant looks and indeed moved chewing new grass-blades of trees.

What was his motive?

प्रलोभनार्थम् वैदेह्या – to delude Vaidehi!

It is actually the last weapon Ravana used!

Same weapons are used by modern demons! While you might be engrossed in the music, your mind is getting programmed for certain ideas, against your roots, your culture and very strength keeping you and your society alive!

What is Auditory illusion?

An auditory illusion is an illusion of hearing, the aural equivalent of an optical illusion: the listener hears either sounds which are not present in the stimulus, or “impossible” sounds.[1] In short, auditory illusions highlight areas where the human ear and brain, as organic survival tools, differ from perfect audio receptors (for better or for worse).

A Shepard tone is an illusion that makes the audio sound like a musical scale that’s infinitely rising. The explainer below from Vox goes into how Zimmer’s passion for Shepard tones achieves the tense feelings Nolan wants to evoke in his audience. You can hear it in the recently released Dunkirk, but whether or not you’ve seen the World War II film, you’ll recognize the effect. It could also be familiar to you from Super Mario 64’s endless stairs sequence or from the end of The Beatles song “I Am the Walrus.”

Read this essay to realize how mass mediums hijack our life decisions:

How They Manipulate Your Mind: Thought Control, Persuasion, and Brainwashing Techniques