Girld child

We can transform kaliyug into satyayug and the first step is to give birth to exceptionally superior dharmic mothers. All parents of girl child are lucky and potent change agents. They can do wonder with powerful will.

सम्पदि यस्य न हर्षो विपदि विषादो रणे न भीरुत्वम्
तं भुवनत्रयतिलकं जनयति जननी सुतं विरलम्

sampadi yasya na harSho vipadi viShaado raNe na bheerutvam
tam bhuvanatrayatilakam janayati jananee sutam viralam

Only an exceptional mother gives birth to a child – who does not get extremely happy on reception of wealth, who does not get sad on the arrival of bad times, who does not become a coward in a war because of fear. The child with such qualities is a crown jewel of the world.

She is foundation wall for धर्म आधारित कुटुंब. Respect, revere and take very well care of her!
We have discussed here, importance of daughter :
Such is the respect and value adhered to Girl child. We must protect her as precious gift. She is the link to the change in society we all seek.
Here is the research discussing how trauma to maternal childhood affects all her progeny.
Maternal childhood trauma leads to offspring’s emotional and behavioral difficulties.
Take very good care of your girl child. Her trauma -> All her future offsprings’ trauma!
In past, we discussed how maternal habits affect future of unborn children:

I live in tier-2 city. Female smoking in public place is new low for us now.

What these young girls don’t realize is very unfortunate. They don’t realize that they are capable to produce whole new universe within! Principle of motherhood is alive due to them.

Blood is water at the core. Water (or Specialized water called Blood) is the closest epigenetic medium for cells. Water carries memory of not only smoking but all your legacy (Not just DNA!). That is how you and me exhibit so many traits of our parents and grandparents.

And this is the reason that role of mother is critical in maintaining right habits, diet – before even couple plan for child.

Blood’s Memory : mother smoked, detectable five years later


Mothers with troubled childhoods more likely to have children with emotional and behavioural difficulties

The study found a significant link between the two, with almost half (49 per cent) of children whose mothers had been mistreated as children, developing emotional and behavioural difficulties such as excessive worrying or anger at 10, 11 and 13 years of age.

Mothers with troubled childhoods were also significantly more likely to have a lower level of education, to have a psychiatric history, to drink and smoke more in pregnancy and to have lower social support.

The study offers a way to combat the psychological difficulties experienced by children and to promote good mental health in future generations. This entails offering mothers with troubled childhoods and low mood access to psychological and social support, including offeringt parenting programmes aimed at fostering sensitive and warm caregiving practices.