Although, it is painful that I have to write articles and notes for Indians, to establish value of something that is so natural to us.

Why gau-seva?

When a son or a daughter is old enough to understand the world by different angles i.e. age 5 to 9 (varies for different kids as per their innate prakriti), first and foremost art to be excelled is to connect with fellow-travelers, not exclusively in the human form. They must learn to realize inherent thread of consciousness alive in all of us. Not only that, they must realize how dharma sustains these relations.

आत्म-तत्व to आत्म-तत्व connections so that children can realize param-tattva.

This is possible best when you establish relation with the nature. Which relation works best? Which relation has highest possible divinity? Which relation is full of selfless emotions?

Mother-Son relation.

When you connect with nature as mother-son relational template, it is very easy to understand the underlying core consciousness.

For many of us, to realize nature is mother is too broad a concept. That is where Gau-seva plays the role.

More in next note.