समृद्धं सौभाग्यं सकलवसुधायाः किमपि तत्-
महैश्वर्यं लीलाजनितजगतः खण्डपरशोः ।
श्रुतीनां सर्वस्वं सुकृतमथ मूर्तं सुमनसां
सुधासौन्दर्यं ते सलिलमशिवं नः शमयतु ॥ १ ॥
You are the complete fortune of the whole world. You are that un-describable wealth of Siva who playfully created the world. You are the sum and substance of the Vedas. You are the good fortune and personified beauty of ambrosia for the divine beings. May your waters destroy our sins.

Maa Ganga
Maa Ganga

Kunds or water bodies in Braj, near Vrindavan in Uttar Pradesh, are believed to be divine. Folklore says that these kunds have water from every pilgrimage place in the world.

We often hear tales about sacred water sources at Tirtha Sthan(s) and possible appearance of Maa Ganga or Maa Narmada on so and so day in that water body.

Literal minds trained in reductionist science will discard this claim as superstition. That is not end of story.

But for those believe in true science and accept that water changes its properties based on place, person/object in contact with and environment, will not discard folklore as superstition. As discussed in separate post, water carries swabhava of the soil i.e. Pitta, Vata and Kapha. Since it is live entity, its prakruti changes, whether it is flowing water or Kund water.
No wonder if water of XYZ kund has water of Maa Ganga on Ganga Saptami (Vaishakh month). It is potent hint that, in this season, water of Kund has exactly same property as Maa Ganga’s pradhan prakriti.

Any name given to place or person represent their Prakriti. It is our limited understanding that we limit word ‘Ganga’ with physical flow of water from Gangotri to Bay of Bengal. Ganga denotes specific prakriti of the water. It flows in our body too, from head to heart (I gave you hint. Go research on it).

Water of maa ganga is self-healing. Healing is possible when Vayu, pitta and Kapha are in balance. That means water that can re-establish balance of Vayu, pitta, Kapha in sharir, is Maa Ganga. No wonder why Gau mutra is popular as Ganga and in absence of Ganga water, Gau mutra is used in all rituals for purification. Gau mutra is very well known for balancing dosha(s) in body. And imagine farming without Gau mutra? Farming without Ganga jal? Result is: Whatever we eat is doshic because Ganga jal is not used! And so IT IS CRITICAL TO SAVE GAU VAMSH if we want to eat healthy food. FARMING WITHOUT GAU IN BHARAT IS UTTERLY MORONIC METHOD.

What is the test to validate Ganga water? (The verse mentioned in picture)

“If boiled rice kept soaked in water in golden, silver or earthen pot does not deteriorate and retains natural color, it is Ganga water!”

As per Charak Maharaj, गंगामाश्वयुजे मासि यत्प्रवर्षति तोयदः सर्वदा तज्जलं पेयं तथा च चरके वचः

Which means, Rain water in Sep-Oct months (आश्विन) is having Ganga property i.e. it can balance all the dosha in body. It is best drinking water.

Now let us come to Kund water. If Vrindavan Kund(s) have water from all pilgrimage sites, it means, it is Ganga water. Can cure anything.

Unfortunately, we have not preserved these Kunds and divinity of water.

There is mere physical aspect of Maa Ganga. More research is needed on it to unveil spiritual aspects.

PS: I dedicate this post to Jagannatha Pandita as his Ganga Lahari is my inspiration for continuous research on Maa Ganga