Fake Ganesh
Fake Ganesh

Instead of taking shashtric reference and aligning our own version of गणपति based on health of मूलाधार, there is a trend to worship fake Gods in form of Ganesha. This is not just waste creative human potential but silent injection of vices associated with these fake Gods.

Worshiping false Gods/demigods by portraying Ganapati Idol in form of social celebrities, is nothing but a shortcoming of relatively weak societal psyche.

My culture teaches to put ideas/values/deeds/virtues above all immortals as ideas/values/deeds/virtues can only last forever.Ideas/values/deeds/virtues can’t survive more than a century (or may be few countable years) if demigods are at center of common man’s life.

Idols and paintings are harvests of reproductive energy/creativity/imagination. Reproductive energy depicts intuitive image of archetype characters. When an artist draw a picture of deity, it can be based on his own objective creativity or reproductive creativity. Those Ganesh idols, created by objective creativity, in form of cricketer, children or like, do not stand long in our memories. But those idols, created out of intuitive reproductive energy, live with us forever.

Majority Art-works are time-local reflection of eternity. They are time-local because they are hardly based on spiritual intuition. And so imperfections are natural. Those who use time-local art as yardstick, to justify/to judge eternal aspects, may reach to half-baked conclusions. Best use of such art-works of past ages, is to gather hints and apply them for current complex cultural jig-saw puzzles. Just hints, good or grotesque,no concrete conclusions. For eternal aspects, we have eternal idols.

Elephant -> Ganesh Idol with trunk -> मूर्ति पूजा और साधना -> Enhanced Breathing -> Enhanced senses -> जितेन्द्रिय -> Ability to sense electro-magnetic energy and sound -> Ability to predict impact of changing energy on organisms -> One can easily predict the future.

There are many aspects of Ganesh idol. One of them is trunk. There are two idols. Right side trunk idol and left side trunk idol.

Trunk represent that one must learn to do right and deep breathing. Breathing regulates Prana. Prana regulates life.

Right side trunk represent Surya Nadi focus. Left represents Chandra Nadi.

An idol of Ganapati with the trunk curved towards the right is called dakshinmurti or dakshi­nabhimukhi with an activated Surya nadi is also radiant. Thus in both senses, the Ganapati idol with the trunk curved towards the right is said to be ‘active (jagrut)’.

An idol of Ganapati with the trunk curved towards the left is called Vamamukhi. Vam means the northern direction or the left side.The Chandra nadi (Moon channel) is situated to the left. It bestows tranquility.

गणतंत्र should be led only by गणेश who has extraordinary sense for future.

Krushn is Ganesh, he could sense future and take decisions accordingly to sustain Dharma. Shivaji was Ganesh. Maharana Pratap was Ganesh.

We may not become Krushn or Shivaji but sure, we can become micro versions of Ganesh.


As per scriptures, देह-मध्य is where मूलाधार or abode of गणेश is. For humans, it is near GUT. For animals, in heart. For birds, in stomach. For trees, it is roots. For all living and non-living beings, देह-मध्य varies and so place of गणपति. Based on the place or the host, गणपति’s name, form, color, vehicle and decoration changes. So there are infinite forms of गणपति based on variations in प्राण combinations of each object (living or dead) has.

For trees, microbes play critical role at roots. For us, in GUT. This is no coincidence. Where there are मरुत गण, there is गणपति.

First and foremost thing we can do to Ganesh Pooja in human form is to maintain proper posture. 🙂 Right posture means stability of प्राण in देह-मध्य.

Second, we can keep our GUT clean. Modak made from Desi Cow ghee helps here in this season. 🙂

Various Ganesha forms - varies as per Muladhara
Various Ganesha forms – varies as per Muladhara

Note: देह-मध्य शुचिता (cleansing of center of the body) is important post-monsoon. We can prepare Modak (GUT cleaning mental and physical actions) for us but who will take care of trees and plants? Desi cow’s gobar, milk, ghee, mutra are their Modak.


1) Do प्राणायाम
2) Do conscious breathing. Regulate your Prana.
3) Strive to become जितेन्द्रिय