Barring some past karma impact cases, majority cases of infertility are self-creation.

गणपति Out= Bareness IN

Who is गणपति?
The one that protects गण.
Where do गण live in body?
Where is मूलाधार ?
Your Gut
Who destroys मूलाधार?
Our food, out habits, our modern life style.

A recent health survey revealed some startling facts — a whopping 46% of Indians, between the ages of 31 and 40, require medical intervention to conceive as one or both partners suffer from fertility problems. [0]

This is side effect of changing pattern of professions. More and more youth are not employed in sedentary job profile. They sit in front of computer for more than 8 hrs. This is bound to happen. On top of it, add regular alcohol, smoking, drugs.


Ganesha Pooja and Infertility
Ganesha Pooja and Infertility

Worship Ganesha and Maa Parvati. He is lord of fertility. She is shakti related to fertility. His seat in our body is Muladhar chakra. Energy center that governs area where reproductive organs rests.

Ganesha has pomegranate in his hands.Pomegranate in Sanskrit means Beejpur, literally; replete with seeds.It implies prosperity and fertility and is related with both Bhoomidevi (the earth goddess) and Lord Ganesha (who is also called Bijapuraphalasakta, or the one fond of the many-seeded fruit).

When you meditate on them, they activate dormant energy centers in your faulty reproductive organs and helps you to regain divine power of reproducing.

Side note: Just after worshiping Ganesha for 10 days, we will soon worship Maa Parvati for 10 days in Navratri (Mind you! It is most potent time of the year to worship maa Parvati!)

Eat Pomegranate in this season.This fruit is linked with fertility, birth, and eternal life, because of its many seeds.

In modern science lab, a significant decrease in malondialdehyde (MDA) level and marked increases in glutathione (GSH), glutathione peroxidase (GSH-Px) and catalase (CAT) activities, and vitamin C level were observed by regular intake of Pomegranate.Consumption provided an increase in epididymal sperm concentration, sperm motility, spermatogenic cell density and diameter of seminiferous tubules and germinal cell layer thickness, and it decreased abnormal sperm rate when compared to the control group. [1]

One common cause of infertility is obesity. Pomegranate intake reduces fat.Many of the beneficial effects are related to the presence of anthocyanins, tannins, very high levels of antioxidants, including polyphenols and flavonoids.[2]

Cherish your culture. Celebrate festivals connected with mother nature. Do not just celebrate festivals for fun. Try to follow spiritual instructions and worship God’s different form as per seasonal changes. Indwelling God will surely keep you healthy to perform your worldly duties towards self, family and nation.

I know our tendency. anything related to God, ignore. Though this post is about Lord Ganesha, I did not put his picture so that many of you read it 🙂.

Happy Aanand Chaudash! May we submerge Power of Ganesha in our body and each cell becomes Ganesha 🙂. Best wishes.

When you next time eat this wonder fruit, do remember Lord Ganesha. Its effect will increase manifold! (Trust my words and experiment!)