Parents and I
Parents and I

Relation between “I” (अर्धनारीश्वर) and physical body is like parent-child relation. Mother nurtures and father protects.

Red blood cells live for about four months, while white blood cells live on average more than a year. Skin cells live about two or three weeks. Colon cells have it rough: They die off after about four days.

They are part of you, from their birth to death, until excreted.

Do we take care of them like our children? Ideally we should but we don’t. In office gossips, body is deemed as gutter. Torturing body is considered great! Not only my office, this is norm in my generation. Anything and everything is fine as food and drink. All types of metal tortures too. If you treat them like slaves, they too have rights to rebel that results in sickness.

Care your body like a mother cares her children and father protects his children and they (body cells) will take care of you like son Ganesh.

Treat them like slaves and …face the consequences.

Happy Ganesh Chaturthi! May we behave like a good parents and take care of our body as Ganesh. That will be true Ganesh pooja (worship)