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At least शुण्ड-long breathing. That is when one can transcend Muladhara and uplift self from gross existence. It will take 1000 births to reach their with current pace. 🙂

Right one to balance the stupor ones.
Left one to balance hyper active ones.

At least शुण्ड-long breathing.

How long the शुण्ड should be?

We will take reference from Shiva Swarodaya.

When we talk about Prana and breathing, it is more than air flowing through nostrils. It is about subtle flow. If you can master your breathing, you can realize the flow of Prana. And flow of prana is reflection of Aatma[1]

So by realizing flow of the prana, one can also reach one step closer to self-realization.

If you ever take time to observe the breathing, you will notice that respiration takes place by one nostril at a time. Either left or right will be active.

It is breathing that takes hints from cosmic Prana and instructs individual prana. From sickness to healing, breathing controls the fate.

It will take entire book to explain this in detail but we will focus on length for this note.

When you are examining alternate breath, at different time of the day, you will also notice change in the length of breath. Sometimes it is longer, sometimes shorter.

Distance is measured in ‘Finger length’

  • The natural length is 7-12 fingers.
  • During the state of emotions/excitement – 12-36
  • Singling – 16
  • Walking -24
  • Eating – 20
  • Sleeping – 30
  • Exercise – 36

When there is control over length, there are siddhi(s).

  • Expiration within 1 finger for continuous period = detachment
  • Expiration of breath within 2 finger – blissful state
  • Poetic abilities when it is 3 finger length
  • 5 fingers control gives foresight

Each cycle of breathing is also affected by 5 elements of which body is made. Each tattva has different influence on the breathe.  Each tattwa causes the air to flow from different angle and point in nostril. Even length of the breathe varies based on influence of the tattwa.

  • Earth :
    • 12 fingers
    • Flow from center of the nostril
    • Duration : 20 minutes
  • Water
    • 16 fingers
    • downwards
    • Duration : 16 minutes
  • Fire
    • 4 fingers
    • upward
    • Duration: 12 minutes
  • Air
    • 8 fingers
    • slanting
    • Duration : 8 minutes
  • Akasha
    • diffused
    • Duration 4 minutes

So when we worship Ganesha, we actually correct Earth element influence. It is the longest flow for one cycle of Swara/Breathe. (Active breathe flows from one nostril for 60 minutes. Out of which, Earth element has influence for 20 minutes.).

Earth element + Active Swara (Right or left) + Length of the trunk as per the Sankalpa of the Sadhana + Practice of breathing while chanting/japa

I will cut this note short and stop here and let readers contemplate on it.

More in upcoming notes.


  1. Shiv Swarodaya – Pandit Sridhar Shivalal Hindi translation

आत्मन एष प्राणो जायते । यथैषा पुरुषे छायैतस्मिन्नेतदाततं मनोकृतेनायात्यस्मिञ्शरीरे ॥ ३ ॥

This Prâna is born of the âtman. As this shadow in the man, so is this in the âtman. By the act of the mind, this comes into this body.