Cultural Protection
Cultural Protection

Dhoti (and saree) and/or Langot, Grihasthi, Celibacy, Muladhar Chakra, Sadhna and earning spiritual wealth for family.

Dhoti is extinct.
Langot is extinct.
Celibacy is extinct.
Sadhana for spiritual protection of family is extinct.

So what do you think? Will we be spared from continuous Prahar of Kaliyuga’s manifestation of dark forces?

Shadhan shudhdhi is required. Take baby step now. Make sure your next generation takes two more baby steps. Make sure your family and friends are inspired by your way of living.

If not possible to wear dhoti in public life, begin wearing it at home. If not possible to wear at home, at least, start wearing it during daily Sandhya. do not do daily Sandhya? At least…start sitting with your God daily.

Research hint:

Set of folds inserted behind your back and front are at least 3-4 fingers below nabhi. Seat of Muladhara Chakra. These folds holds the shakti to do further downward by earthly attraction. Helps in physical celibacy and conservation of Ojas. Think about it.

Experiment suggestions:

1) Start wearing dhoti (Saree for females) during Sandhya
2) Start wearing hanuman langot.

Best if you can get pure cotton for both.

How to wear dhoti?