Trees and plants are called औषध in Veda. It is not a random statement! They indeed are! Plant based Food is our primary medicine!Longer the tree lives, more it can codify environment markers into fruit’s genes (आम,जामुन ). One can beat any climate change! Think about it!

Right, mango is called King of the fruits. But do we really have access to pure and real stuff?

Do you know why mango is so great fruit?

There is a saying in Gujarati: ઉતાવળે આંબા ના પાકે.

It means, Mango trees don’t grow in haste. They need time.

With hybridization and grafting, we reduced the duration in which mango tree can bear fruits.

Is it useful? Can such mangoes bear benefits like protection against inflammation like cancer?

Fruit trees and food crops are fore-tellers. They are essential element in food feedback chain. They predict the future (based on past and present) and parcel protection as fruits for पशु (including humans). So that we can face the challenges in form of extreme weather events.

You many call it antioxidant and what not. Basically, it is God’s blessings.

And for this reason, only local fruits and crops are advisable. Exotic does not help much.

Naturally, mango tree takes 20-25 years before it can give fruits in abundance. More time spent alive, more environmental information is codified in mango’s genes. So when we eat fruit from such mango trees, we naturally get all protection learning against environmental odds which mango tree has accumulated during past 20 odd years in fruit’s genes, bacteria and viruses. Such trees can bestow real essence in their fruits. Essence = प्राण = Avoidance of cancer and diabetes.

What is happening now?

1) For greed, we use कलमी trees. These trees give fruits within 3-4 years. Not much experiences with global environmental events compare to real mango trees planted 20-30 years back. Lack of Essence = प्राण. So not much helpful in prevention of Cancer and Diabetes

2) Chemical pesticides and hormone injections to increase yield

3) Unnatural ripen processes

All benefits compromised. Action items for all mango lovers : Plant mango trees this monsoon so your grandchildren will get real fruit benefits. There is saying in Gujarati: ઉતાવળે આંબા ના પાકે. Mango cannot be ripen in haste and hurry. But then who has time to focus so much on food? We have all the time to discuss Bombay Velvet but food? Another such essence-rich, प्राणयुक्त fruit is अनार દાડમ. But now farmers harvest it so early and unnaturally that all essence is compromised.Real essence of mango is in its seed. Pure consciousness. will try to write about it someday.

Mango health benefits

For example, a new study in Photodermatology, Photoimmunology, and Photomedicine reports that mango extract given to mice protected against photoaging (translation: skin damage such as wrinkles and skin cancer) associated with ultraviolet B rays. A Texas study reported that mango extract was effective in inhibiting colon cancer cell growth.