Ford Foundation and Cow Slaughter in India


It was not shocking to know that Ford Foundation is even behind state funded cow slaughter in India.

In late 50s, upon request of Indian Govt, Ford Foundation did survey of Indian Agriculture & cattle and gave some suggestions.

That is when Govt of India funded 4 machine-based slaughter houses.

This is what UP govt’s official notice on Gopasthmi as a part of गौ संवर्धन सप्ताह.

“गायको अगर केवल आर्थिक द्रष्टिसे ही देखा जाय, उसे रुपये, आने, पाईमें तौला जाय तो वह निर्विवाद स्पष्ट है की वह हमारे देहाती या शहरी अर्थशाश्त्रमें नहीं बैठती, उसे अलग करनाही होगा…यह सब तबही संभव होगा जब धीरे धीरे उसका स्थान भैंस तथा यंत्रोको दिया जाय…गोवध अपनावे या वधके लिए उसे दुसरे देशोमें जाने दे” [1]

“If we consider economic aspect of cow, she never fits into rural as well as urban economy. We must uproot her from our economy. And that is possible only when we replace her by buffalo and tractors. Cow-slaughter is inevitable. Do it here or export her to other countries for slaughter.”

Sheer Economics Hit man job! Soft Terror and destruction of National wealth 🙁

All this is based on Ford Foundation’s conclusion that cows in India are useless and too many in numbers! So kill them! 🙁


[1] Vaidik Dharma Magazine, Oct 1964 (Published from Aundh by Pandit Satavalekar)