How do you eat?
***Alert: This post may hit you on personal level as it is about habits. Take care 🙂


In between running fast and chasing butterfly called ‘life’, we do teach our next generation, some etiquette (संस्कार?). Great!

As a part of this etiquette training, modern moms and school teachers teach toddlers how to eat in western way. They pin up handkerchief against their neck, set up dishes, serve their yummy food and as soon as kid starts eating it, they stop, scream (चुन्नू! Bad habits!छुरी और कांटे से खाओ! कितनी बार सिखाया है तुम्हे!) and suggest them to eat using fork and knife. To learn how to use fork and knife, some of them send children to coaching classes! (lol)

Is it really a right way of eating? Let me share common sense observation.

We have been using so many sensors in daily life. Temperature sensors, fire sensor, moisture sensor and what not! While surrounded by all hi-tech sensors, how can we forget body’s ingenious sensory nerves and their role in our body?

Did we forget utility of finger nerves and their touch sensations in eating?

We read number of self-help books teaching us to be proactive in any life situation but we blissfully ignore proactive set up for life’s most important process i.e. Food intake and digestion.

Fingers sensation of food sends appropriate signals to brain and ask it to prepare proper environment for digestion system, to welcome food which is ready to enter in channel. Isn’t it common sense? or may be it is rocket science. Or are we ok to ignore micro impacts of touch and sensation on body and ready to expose ourselves to diseases?

Oh wait, we eat our foods while watching TV or wearing iPod! (Couch potato as they love to be known as) We don’t get time to do all this sensation and stuff. We want to enjoy our program or movie! We are entertainment hungry! Leave us alone! Body will take care of food. It is automatic process.

Ok, as you wish. Only at our health’s cost, we can enjoy all these side activities along with meals. Don’t pay attention to food (and don’t befriend food) while eating it and welcome indigestion related diseases (Majority diseases have their roots in improper digestion)!

Enjoy TV while eating! (with fork and knife! 🙂 )
Be modern ! 😉