“Oh Maggi does not kill anyone. I eat maggi since childhood. I have no issues. I am physically and mentally fit!

Trash your bigoted view about processed food! I will eat. I don’t fear death!”

Intellectual arrogance. 🙂 I am sure, it is due to Kaliyugi delusion. 🙂 😉
Well, why do we need to take care about what we eat? Even the corner most aspect of it?
Because, we are part of the universe. And it is our duty to take care the version of the universe in our possession i..e billion+ body cells and 10 times more bacteria living with this billion+.
Besides, any sickness due to careless food habits disturbs our karma and so we fail to perform our dharma.
Only intellectually arrogant would eat anything and everything for the sake of tongue-lust (The taste addiction).