Five elements help sustaining our existence in their arrangement called ‘Body’. To sense them individually, connect us with them.

To sense the Earth, barefoot walking, sleeping on ground periodically is must. (Imagine those who live in apartments? Or Pilots? Constant devoid of earthing! One should do research – they must be suffering from aggravated Vata 🙂 )
To sense the water, visiting and bathing in river or sea is must.
To sense the Air, wind-bath in gentle breeze is must.
To sense the Fire, fire ritual, Surya Namaskar is must.
To sense the Space, chanting, singing, listening music, gazing stars in the sky is must.

Unfortunately, such mandatory activities either are no more daily routine or have become indulgences in their most chaotic form (e.g loud music).

When you nurture your senses to connect with five elements, you become more sensitive towards environment. You start caring about macro-organism called the Universe. You live better life. The Universe respond better and you receive their blessings efficiently due to sharp and sensitive senses. Become comfortable with five elements and they will make you comfortable with them, arranging universal patterns as per your comfort.