Sisters – Please don’t take this post personally. It is written with all best wishes for positive societal outcome. When I point out something, it is also a note to self for improvement.

With all due respect to all sisters,if you really claim loving your brother, why chocolates and filthy market sweets for loving brother? Followed by lunch or dinner at equally filthy restaurant? :O 🤔🤨😮🤐

Is that how we wish for long life for brother? 🙂

Can’t prepare love instilled sweets? If you can’t prepare for xyz reason, how about promoting गृह उद्योग under supervision where sweets are prepared from raw material supplied by you (trusted food chain like trusted certificate chain for digital security 😉 )? or even piece of jaggery is enough. Isn’t it?

Please don’t take it personally. Think about it for Diwali and भाई दूज sweets. 😉 (y)